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Baji Live FAQ

Laying need not be scary – you are in full control of how much you wish to risk and how much you could win. In a lay bet, you always stand to win the stake of the opposing bet (e.g. £10 (€10) in the examples above). You could be betting against one person or several.

Note – Baji charge a commission fee on net winnings on each market.

Placing a Lay Bet

Select a market, choose a selection you want to lay and click on the best lay price/odds. In the following example you are laying Phil Mickelson at odds of 9. The backer is staking £10 (€10).


Your potential profit: £10 (€10)
Your potential loss:    £80 (€80)

Your liability of £80 (€80) is taken from your balance as this is your worst case scenario. The payout will be £90 (€90) but that includes the stake from the backer. If this bet was matched, there would effectively be a pot of £90 (€90) for someone to collect – the backer’s £10 (€10) stake, and the layer’s £80 (€80) liability.

If Phil Mickelson wins the tournament you have to pay £80 (€80) to the winning customer. If any other player wins the tournament you win £10 (€10) less commission. When laying a bet, you can only win the other person’s stake.

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There are premium bets for all sports. Premium markets are sportsbook markets, has nothing to do with exchange bets. Betting on Premium markets will not affect the liquidity of the exchange. Min figure on the right applies to Premium markets.

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It is an additional bet market customised for cricket punters. Has specific betting rules on it’s own. Betting on Fancy bets will not affect the liquidity of the exchange. Min figure on the right applies to Fancy Bet

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In order to view your Sportsbook bet history, you may either select the  ‘My Account’ dropdown on the top right hand side of the website and proceed to select the ‘My Bets’ option from the dropdown.

This is your unsettled bet will shown here.

For settled bet, choose “Bet History”, and then selected the date range, finally click on “Get History. Your bets record will appear as below.

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When you bet on Sportsbook you are betting against BAJI rather than against other BAJI customers. Therefore it is BAJI that set the prices and carry the risk.

The odds are generally higher for Singles bets (Exchange) than for the same selections in Sportsbook, but unlike the Exchange, when you place Sportsbook bets you will not pay commission on your winnings.

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No, it is not the same as backing and laying the same selection on the Exchange.

It is in fact treated as 2 separate bets, therefore if you place a bet on a selection on the Sportsbook and lay the same selection on the Exchange you will need to have the necessary funds available in your balance to cover both bets independently. Our Sportsbook and Exchange products are independent from each other.

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Once Baji has confirmed your bet placement, you will not be able to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet under any circumstances. Acceptance of your bet by baji concludes the bet.

Please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Rules and Regulations’ in ‘About Us’ for further information about cancellation of confirmed bets by baji.

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