How to place bet on casino using Mobile Phone?

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1. Click on ‘Casino’ tab below the banner, click ‘AE Sexy’ / ‘EVO’ button
2. Choose a game you interest, for the first try I will recommend to try ‘Dragon Tiger’ game
3. Click on ‘Dragon Tiger’ game, it will load into the gaming table, and you will see a sexy dealer wearing a bikini there (minimum bet is ₹20)
4. The rule for ‘Dragon Tiger’ is Dealer will draw out two card from the poker card box, then result will be depend on which card point is higher. King is the highest point, A is the lowest point.
5. Choose your chips and put on any one of the option [Dragon, Tie, Tiger], then click ‘Submit’ button, and wait for the round start with countdown at right upper corner ended
6. Dealer start to scan the two piece poker card on table, result will be zoom bigger show in front of the screen.
7. System will do a settlement, if you bet on the option same with result as poker card, then you win; otherwise you lose

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