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In, we have a very attractive product which allows you to have an experience like a landed casino, but now you can enjoy the joyful just right in your place anytime, anywhere whenever you like.

Live casinos had everything exactly real time happen by using video streaming, whatever happens on screen, it is live.

Here is the provider that we have in

  1. AE Casino 
  2. Evolution Gaming
  3. Playtech (Available for INR currency)

Here how you can find in our website, 1st of all, you need to login to your account, and then click on [Casino]


How to bet in Casino mobile English

You might asked

1.How do I know that the streaming is real?

2.Can i be pre-recorded and you are just streaming the recorded videos?

Oh well, all streaming is real-time, there is some way you can verify it.

Each provider had a different way to prove that it is live, for example in AE casino, there is telephone inside the streaming, you may call to that number to prove us.


1.What will happen when there is fraud in that particular dealing / game?

2.Will my bet be void at all time?

3.How can I make a complaint about the fraud?

In case there is any fraud game like, dealer deals the wrong hands, system fraudulent, result not tele with streaming, with all these issues, you may follow the step below and contact our customer service, we will help you to escalate the issue to the related department.

All you need to do is note down the bet ID and make a screenshot. After that, contact our customer service to provide all the details in order for us to investigate. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

In case you had forgotten to take a screenshot, be sure at least to have the bet ID, amount of bet or the time that you place the bet. Otherwise, we won’t be able to do checking effectively and it will take more time for us to do checking.

I made a wrong bet selection, can I ask for a refund?

Sorry to know that if you had placed a wrong bet. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund as the bet accepted will not be refunded. You are advised to be more careful before the bet was accepted.

Below was the common game that can be found in most of the casino, if you are new gambler, these video will helps you to know better on how to play

Game tutorials

Baccarat Baccarat mobile English

Sicbo / Dice Sicbo mobile English

Dragon Tiger Dragon Tiger mobile English

Roulette Roulette mobile English

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