Table for BPoker

Bpoker is a popular poker game that allows players to bet against other players. In BPoker, we are following the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker Rules.

Game round

There are a total of four betting rounds: preflop, the flop, the turn and the river. Each betting round will allows players to check bet, raise bet or fold card


Blind bet

The game starts with the player placing their blind bet, which this time, all players had not yet to know their card of hands, but they are allowed to raise the bet until every player hit check. Each player will deal with 2 card, and will start the game with big blind and small blind.

Blind bet starts with a player who is called big blind and the next player is called small blind. The amount of blind is determined by the table, you may refer to the blind at the lobby.

Call – When you do not want to raise the stakes but want to continue with your hand you can match the current bet.

Check – If there is no bet placed you can check in order to see the next card. This isn’t applicable to preflop. The blinds are the first bet preflop which must be matched with a call or raised, if a player wishes to continue.

Raise – to increase the bet, once a player chooses to raise, the round will go back to each player to make their decisions.

Fold – If you feel your hand is not worth playing any further you can fold your hand and not commit any more bets.

The Flop

Now the second round of betting, now 3 community cards will be dealt at the middle of the table. Each player will need to bet now.


The Turn

The 4th community card will now deal

The River

The 5th card or the last community card will now be dealt, and this will be the last round of betting. 

After the betting round is over, the winner will be determined by who holds the highest value card. Card ranking can be referred to below.

Where can I find the Table BPoker Game? 

Here you are! Follow the steps to get in the platform and start your luck!

Login to your game account, click the [ Table ], and you can see the BPoker.

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