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The difference between an Exchange and a traditional bookmaker is that a bookmaker will offer you odds that are slightly below the real value of the bet. All betting is against the players against the bookmakers.

At an Exchange, they set the odds and you can choose whether to take them or not. All betting is the players against players. Relationship between player and company is just a provider of exchange in sport betting.

Bookmakers offer fixed odds that you can either accept. Whilst the odds may vary slightly from bookie to bookie, they’re generally going to be the same and you can’t do anything to alter them other than changing your bet. Regardless of the market you’ve chosen to bet on, whether it be the winner of the next General Election or the outcome of a football match, you’re going up against the bookmaker and if your bet wins they’ll pay you, if it doesn’t then you’ll lose your stake.

When it comes to betting on an Exchange, things work slightly differently. Instead of placing your bets against a bookmaker, you’re now betting against other bettors who are essentially acting as the bookie. You will either offer odds on an event that other players will either accept or reject or else you’ll see odds from other punters and accept them or reject them.


What is the Back and Lay betting in Exchange?

There are two types of bet placed on an Exchange :

There were the blue and the pink columns on the premium market.

The blue column and the two columns to the left of this show what’s available to back. Back betting is betting how you already know it. Back is the outcome that you predict TO HAPPEN.

The pink column and the two columns to the right of this represent what’s available to lay. It means to place a bet for something NOT TO HAPPEN. When placing a lay bet, rather than choosing how much you want to risk (your stake) you choose how much you want to win. The objective for the layers is to win the backers stake.

The amount you pay is known as the liability. The liability is what the backers will win in the event your bet is a loser.

In addition to the bold numbers is the odd, and the numbers underneath the odds show you how much of your bet should be instantly matched. You are able to bet however much you like, whether is it more or less than these figures then : 

  • If you bet less than the amount shown, all of your bet should be matched instantly (this means your bet is on!).
  • If you bet more than the amount shown, any amount over this price means that part of your bet will be unmatched for the time being.

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Video Link – Desktop Version

Video Link – Mobile Version

What is the Fancy Bet?

Fancy is one among the variety of bets that have defined gambling in cricket.

A spread on which side will win the match and the margin of victory. If the team that bats first wins the game, they are awarded 1 point for each run they win by. If the team that bats second wins the game, they are awarded 10 points per wicket won by.

The result will be calculated according to the above points system and will take into account the quote at the time the bet was taken. In the event of this match ending in a tie the result will be settled at 0. If the second innings of a limited overs match is reduced in any way, for whatever reason, all supremacy bets, whether open or closed, will be void. For Test matches the same rules apply as per limited overs supremacy.  Should the test end in a draw or a tie then the market result is zero.

There was only available in cricket :

  • Yes – Act as Back
  • No – Act as Lay

To learn more aboutFancy Bet on, check the video out!



What is the Premium Market?

There are premium bets for all sports. Premium markets are sportsbook markets, and have nothing to do with exchange bets. Betting on Premium markets will not affect the liquidity of the exchange. 

The picture below shows you how to know the match has a premium market.


And also the picture below shows you the details of the premium market after you click in every match. You can choose to download and keep it for reference.

There are two key differences between a traditional bookmaker and a betting Exchange. The first is that with an Exchange you can either offer the odds for other people to accept, essentially playing the role of the bookie, or else you can accept odds offered by others and let them play the bookie. The second is that there is no vigorish built into the odds and instead Exchanges make their money by charging a commission on winning bets.



How to place a bet on Sport?

It’s the simple thing in BAJI. You can watch the tutorial from the link below directly. We have provided the two versions for PC and Mobile.

Video link for How to place bet on Sport using PC

Video link for How to place bet on Sport using Mobile

You might have asked.

What is the Exposure?

Exposure is the worst-case scenario liability for each market. To protect its customers and to guarantee the settlement of all bets, a betting exchange ensures that customers can only place a bet if they have enough funds in their account to cover any outcome of the bet. It represents the total losses that would be incurred if all a customer’s pending bets were to lose.

Unlike a traditional Bookmaker, a Betting Exchange holds the customer’s exposure on a market rather than debiting each individual bet from their total account balance [ Account Balance ].

Why are my betting odds different from the odds when settlement?

We have the functionality for [ Accept any odds ]. 

If you confirm that the odds you want to bet, you need to uncheck the box of [ Accept any odds ].

You can refer to the picture below to let you know where you can uncheck the box when you place a bet.

And, if you want to do a setting, you also can check it out in the picture below.

Can I cancel or amend my bet?

No. Once Baji has confirmed your bet placement, you will not be able to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet under any circumstances. Acceptance of your bet by Baji concludes the bet. Please refer to the Term and Conditions and Rules and Regulations in About Us for further information about cancellation of confirmed bets by Baji.

What can I do if my bet has not been settled yet after the match is completed?

We aim to settle every market within a matter of minutes – usually within half an hour, at a maximum. If the match is not over 30 minutes after the completion, you may wait for the system to do the settlement one by one. 

If your bet has still not been settled for a long period of time, please get in touch with Customer Service and provide the Bet ID, so we can raise any issue quickly to our team who look after bet settlement.

What is the Bet ID? Where can I find it?

Bet ID is when you make a bet selection, it will appear the ID on your betting slip. You can follow the steps below to get your Bet ID.

PC Version : 

Step 1 : Click the [ Sports – Exchange ].

Step 2 : After entering the sports page, click [ My Account – Bets history ] in the upper right corner of you.

Step 3 : You can select the series and the period that you have already betted to search the Bet ID.

Mobile Version :

Step 1 : Click the [ Sport – Exchange ]

Step 2 : After entering the sports page, click [ My Account ] on right hand side of the bottom.

Step 3 : Click the [ Bets History ].

Step 4 : You can select the series and the period that you have already betted to search the Bet ID.

Did we have the Cricket Live Score ? How will I check the Cricket Live Score in Baji ?

Yes! We have, you can check it out with this link :

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