What can I do if the web page is being redirect to other website or being DNS hijacked) ?

If you are redirected to another website when you click on our website, please follow these simple steps to manually repair the local DNS:

Step 1:
Click [Start] button on lower left corner on your desktop to open the [Control Panel], click [Network and Internet], and then click [Network and Sharing Center].
Step 2:
Click [Change adapter settings].
Step 3:
Right-click the currently active network connection and click [Properties] on the pop-up menu.
Step 4:
Select [Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)], and then click [Properties].
Step 5:
Select [Use the following DNS server address], enter [ as the preferred DNS server] and [ as the alternate DNS server], and then click [OK].
If the problem still persists after you have manually repair the local DNS, you can refer to the following link: